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Behind the scenes of shooting the first batch of notebooks

There a lot of things in life I wonder about. But something I never doubt is that I have really solid friends. Here’s a little story about a friendship I cherish, why you should do favours freely, and how I ended up getting such amazing photos for our products without spending any money. Winning.

Back in about 2006, I met Kate Sumner at a New Year’s party in Durban, South Africa. Both of us were at rather horrendous loose ends and ended up spending hours in the jacuzzi talking about life, the marketing agency we would one day start, the meaning of our twenty-something-year-old lives, and more. It was a kindred spirit moment.

Sadly she was just visiting from Australia, but we kept in touch over Facebook and when I moved to London in 2014 – Kate was living here, and we met up again. I have to add that it was at Ozone coffee, where we’ve spent many an hour since.

Kate got married last year to one of the kindest men I’ve ever met. They were wed in London but we all went to Bali for a party. I’ve loved getting to know Dave, who is just about as badass and stylish as Kate!

Dave does video stuff. Earlier this year he needed someone to be le model for something he was shooting. It was winter, I was a bit over it if I’m honest, but really wanted to help out and said yes. I had to dress up in ‘office clothes’ for probably the first time in about fifteen years (or maybe my life). It ended up being super fun. 

Why is this relevant at all? Well, when I was building the Fajr website, I knew I needed good photos. Not the type that I would snap with my phone. And also not the type that I had it within my skillset to style. I was thinking Kinfolk but my own efforts would have been some kind of Pinterest fail.

Kate and Dave sprang to mind. Their flat in Dalston is a literal treasure trove of beauty and style and I knew Kate would do an excellent job if she had time. I asked, they said yes, and the photos all over the site are the fruit of their beautiful friendship-labour-of-love.

I love Kate and Dave. I am so grateful for them, and so many other of my friends, who’ve supported this Fajr project.

This includes our 22 customers, many of whom are our friends and colleagues.

I literally love you all. And I love how the photos turned out. That’s a wrap on this ramble! ‘Til next time.

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