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Four orders in ~ 3 hours

Today has been such a crazy cool day.

I woke up this morning delighted to have received our first ever 2 x online orders last night. I spent a snip of time handwriting two notes – ordered from MOO, of course – to Dan in Palm Springs and Holly in Hamilton and dropped their orders at my local post office.


I tweeted about the store being live, and posted on Instagram, and have been so chuffed to have four more orders come rolling in over the past few hours from Jeff, Mark, Dave and Rosie.

I have the WooCommerce app set up on my phone, so get to keep an eye that way without having to actually log in (or take a break from other work).


The past hour in particular we had lovely spike in traffic:

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 16.25.07.png


I still have a bunch of things to iron out, and workout: like how to set up separate stock for Lebanon (and shipping with Aramex with cash-on-delivery) as well as how we can link up with some awesome folks in the US who want to keep inventory and fulfill orders from that side to keep costs down. But they’re good problems to have!

Hugely grateful to our very earliest customers for jumping right in and supporting Fajr.


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