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Meet Summer, a friend of Fajr in Taiwan

Fajr notebooks are available in stores around Beirut and in our web shop – but our dream is for them to be found further afield. We work with a number of wonderful, creative individuals who support Fajr by selling notebooks wherever they are in the world. Summer is one such friend of Fajr – she reached out after finding the project via Google towards the end of last year and decided to order some notebooks to sell in Taiwan.

You said in your very first email you’re a freelancer with a concern for the Syria crisis over the years. Can you share a bit about this?

2016, I became the producer of a short film focus on a Taiwanese who helped refugee families in Turkey. By visiting them once a year, I started to know more about Syria crisis and to make friends with some families.

Tell us about From Syria: when did it start, what is the vision, and how do you find products to sell?

2018, I visited some NGOs and social enterprises help Syrian in Turkey. I found it is a good way to make connection with Syria and Taiwan by selling these handmade crafts. For Taiwan, which is the country far away from mideast, these crafts can make people who knows nothing about Syria have a good beginning, also make those who want to join the issue find an easier way. I searched many crafts made by Syrian women on internet, and chose some featured, quality and functional products that will be sold easily in Taiwan. 

You found Fajr from Google! We were delighted to hear from you. Why did you decide to get in contact (what stood out about the notebooks)? Why did you choose the Aoud design?

Fajr notebooks are functional items. To top it all off, it is great to see there are some traditional mideast patterns or meanings on their design. Aoud is popular with our customers because of its lovely and symbolic appearance. One of our customers is an Aoud player, he bought it at the first sight.

Where have you sold notebooks? What was the response like?

I sold Fajr notebooks on handmade markets and our online shop. A student from Hong Kong bought one on handmade market and already finished it with colorful dairy and schedule. Most people expect the notebooks can have more pages and horizontal lines on pages. 

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

It’s my pleasure to introduce Fajr Beirut and sell these lovely items in Taiwan. Look forward to new products in the future. Hope this work can help more Syrian families to rebuild their lives!

We’re so grateful to Summer for her support.

If you’re interested in reselling Fajr notebooks in your area, we’re love to hear from you.